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Tech Update: iPhone SE 3 Price In India, Specs And Features

Every now and then, Apple comes out with their iPhone SE phones. These phones are relatively affordable. The latest iPhone in this lineup, SE 4 is scheduled to release in 2024, so in true Apple fashion, the iPhone SE 3 is expected to shed some of its price after the release. So, in this blog, we will take a look at the iPhone SE3 Price in India, its specifications and features. 

Difference Between Normal iPhone and iPhone SE

Before knowing the iPhone SE 3 price in India, we first have to know what is the difference between an SE and a normal iPhone. So, iPhone SEs are usually the more affordable phones that have lower hardware and software. For instance, SEs don’t have an iPhone 13 comparable camera. Moreover, the chipset used in SEs is also from previous generations. Along with this, SEs have smaller screens and lower screen resolutions. But it’s not all bad, for starters, it is lightweight, it is affordable and most importantly, it has a fingerprint sensor. 

iPhone SE Price in India

As we mentioned above, iPhone SEs are quite affordable, but that doesn’t mean that you can buy it for 20K, it’s still Apple we are talking about here. So with all of the features missing feature and a smaller screen, the iPhone SE 3 price in India starts from ₹43,000 for the 64GB variant. The 128GB and 256GB variants have a price of ₹55,000 and ₹59,000 respectively. 

iPhone SE Specifications

After knowing the iPhone SE 3 price in India, it’s time that we learn the full specs of the iPhone SE3. So as we mentioned the SEs lack some of the main features and specs as compared to the bigger, flagship iPhones. So let’s have a look at SE specifications. 

OSApple iOS 15.4; Upgradable to iOS 17.2
Dimensions138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm ; 144 Grams
Display4.7 in Retina LCD IPS screen, 750*1334; 326 ppi
CameraMain- 12 MP; Record Upto 4KSecondary- 7 MP, Records Upto 1080p
PerformanceCPU- Apple A15 Bionic (5nm)GPU- Apple GPU (4-Core Graphics)
ConnectivitySupports 4G, 5G, VoLTEBluetooth v5.0, WiFi, NFCLightning Port
Battery2018 mAh Li-ion Battery20W Fast charging 7.5W Wireless Charging
ExtraBarometer, Three Axis Gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light SensorWater and Dust ResistanceGPSFingerprint sensor

Should You Buy iPhone SE 3 2022

Now, the most important question is upon us, should you buy the iPhone SE 3? The iPhone SE 3 Price in India is ₹43,000 which, to be honest, is a bit too much. Why would a person spend ₹43,000 on an iPhone SE when they can buy an iPhone 12 at the same price? This is where the dimensions of both phones come in. This is the most important selling point in the iPhone SE. why? Because Apple doesn’t offer any other phone with the same dimensions as the iPhone SE. 

You might know that Apple has discontinued their mini variant after the launch of their iPhone 15 and 14. According to many experts, the reason for discontinuing the mini variant is that Apple is looking to push their iphone SE series. However, the iPhone SE 3 price in India keeps them from doing so, because in India, a person would rather have an iPhone 12 than an iPhone SE 3. Moreover, the iPhone 13 is also in the same range, if we look at the 128GB variant of the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE, the smaller phone is still more expensive. Isn’t that crazy? So the iPhone SE 3 price in India is a little too much and the features it offers are not up the par.


Q1- How many variants does the iPhone SE 3 have?

A- iPhone SE 3 has a 64GB, a 128GB and a 256Gb variant. 

Q2- What is the iPhone SE 3 price in India?

A- Iphone SE 3 Price in India starts at ₹43,000.

Q3- Does the iPhone SE 3 support 5G?

A- Yes, the iPhone SE 3 supports 5G connectivity since it has the A15 bionic. 

Q4- When will Apple launch the iPhone SE 4?

A-  Apple has not yet quoted a specific date for the release. 

Q5- Is the iPhone SE 3 worth buyin?

A- If all you want is a small Apple device, the iPhone SE is a great choice, but if you want value for your money, we would recommend the iPhone 13 128GB.

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