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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13 Comparison: Who Wins The Battle? 

Apple smartphones have always been the talk of the town for their high-quality camera features, optimal performance, appealing design, and long-lasting battery life. Today, people buy Apple phones to flaunt as it truly becomes an emblem of luxury and style. And when it comes to the comparison of Apple phones vs Android, undoubtedly, the iPhone wins this battle. But what happens when the comparison is between iPhone 11 and iPhone 13? Why we’re comparing these two phones is because the quest for iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13 has become a matter of moot now since the launch of the iPhone 13. It becomes crucial as it helps in measuring how many changes came in these phones in two years. So, if you already have iPhone 11 and want an upgrade, this blog is for you. 

Here, we will walk you through a complete comparison of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13, so bear with us and read the blog till the end. 

Detailed comparison of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13 

Who wins the battle of 11 vs 13 iPhone? Some of you might have already guessed iPhone 13, but hold right there! The comparison is still left to be discussed; read along to know. 

Design and display 

The very first comparison we will cover in the battle between iPhone 11 iPhone 13 comparison is design and display. Both phones come with 6.1 inches screens with different designs. iPhone 11 has LCD while iPhone 13 has an OLED display with crisper colours and deep black. iPhone 13 also comes with Ceramic Shield daily that proctors the phone from drop damage. Further, both phones are IP68 water resistant; however, iPhone 13 water resistance rating is a bit stronger than iPhone 11. 

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Talking about the display, the iPhone 13 offers plenty of advantages over the iPhone 11. For iPhone 13, the brightness reaches 795 nits as compared to 625 nits for iPhone 11. So, it is easy to see the display of the iPhone 13 in sunlight. 

Powerful cameras 

In the battle of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13, our next comparison is with cameras. iPhone 13 truly stands out against iPhone 11 for its powerful camera performance. Both phones come with 12 MP ultra-wide and ultra-wide angle cameras. But iPhone 13 has an f/1.6 aperture while the iPhone 11 comes with f/1.8, so you can easily expect low-light performance overall. Further, you can get photography style with iPhone 13. The coolest thing about iPhone 13 is its Cinematic mode which dramatically shifts its focus and follows the subject of the video. 

Performance and battery life 

Next comes performance and battery life in the quest for iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13. iPhone 11 comes with A13 Biopic Chip, whereas iPhone 13 has an A15 chip.  Both are fast and capable of running the new features in iOS 15. The users will notice the difference in the speed between these phones, but, for most users, the iPhone 13 will be more than good enough. In addition, iPhone 13 specs offer 19 hours of video playback as compared with 17 hours in the iPhone 11. Further, iPhone 13 can also last for up to 75 hours of audio playback, which is 10 hours more than the iPhone 11. 

Talking about the battery, iPhone 13 offers an enhanced battery life over the iPhone 11. Both phones are compatible with Qi wireless charging, and iPhone 13 comes with MagSafe, but you will have to buy a separate charger. 

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13: The Conclusion 

In this comparison of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13, we hope that everything is clear to you now. Though the iPhone 13 might not be a huge jump from iPhone 11, certainly in terms of camera, battery performance, design, and specs, the iPhone 13 seems to win this battle. Further, a faster chipset with 5G connectivity and smaller notch features add up to make iPhone 13 quite an upgrade. The best thing about iPhone 13 is that it is quite similar to iPhone 14. So, if you want an upgrade from iPhone 11, then iPhone 13 is the best phone for you. Let us know in the comment section when you are going to buy this phone and also your experience with this phone if you already have it. 

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