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How To Fix Instagram DM Glitch: Tips & Tricks!

In the 21st century, people actively use Instagram and connect with users globally. After merging with other social media platforms like Meta (Facebook), Instagram has skyrocketed in the social media marketing segment. You can easily message other users and share media like reels for entertainment using the DM section. However, as no technology is perfect and prone to glitches, many users often complain about DM (Direct Message) issues with the platform. Imagine one day you wake up and realise you are not able to send messages on Instagram; that’s frustrating. If you are searching for ‘how to fix Instagram DM glitch,’ follow this guided blog to restore your DM section effortlessly.

Common Issues Under Instagram Glitches

Common Issues Under Instagram Glitches

Before proceeding with how to fix Instagram DM glitches, let’s uncover certain issues that users face due to Instagram glitches, which will help us evaluate the problem conveniently. 

Not Able To Send Or Receive Messages On Instagram

One of the most common issues with Instagram DMs is that sometimes, users are unable to send or receive messages. It can be a major roadblock for individual users or businesses that use Instagram DMs as the prime channel to communicate with their customers or followers.

Delayed Message Delivery

Another common issue with Instagram DM glitches is a delay in message delivery. It can create miscommunication and confusion among users and affect smooth conversation. For brands and business accounts, late message delivery may cause them to miss out on potential customers.

Showing Error For Sent Messages 

The next frustrating scenario with Instagram DM is when users try sending messages, which constantly shows errors. It might disrupt important conversations and restrict users from sharing key information.

These are the common issues associated with Instagram glitches. Now the question arises: how to fix Instagram DM glitch? Let’s answer this question by exploring different alternatives to fixing the bugs. 

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How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch? Ways To Resolve 

As we assess the common issues with Instagram DM, here we are sharing a few effective ways to overcome this technical glitch:

Update Your Instagram App

The foremost trick for ‘how to fix Instagram DM glitch’ is to update the application. In a few cases, the old version might cause DMs to crash and disrupt functioning. After a few updates, Instagram features might not work if users keep using their old versions. This is why tech experts advise you to keep updating your device system and apps to avoid glitches. Check whether updating the Instagram app will solve your problem; you can select the update option on the platform or follow it through PlayStore.

Check Internet Connectivity & Outage 

Instagram DM glitches may arise due to poor internet connectivity and disrupted Wi-Fi bandwidth. To overcome the issue, you can cross-check your internet connection to ensure there is no such fault. Another scenario can be an outage problem, where Instagram servers show errors, and the platform goes down worldwide. You can visit Instagram Down Detector to check if the problem is for everyone. In this case, wait for a few hours, and the issue will automatically resolve. 

Clear Cache

The cache is the small memory app stored in your device while functioning; it might be the reason for your Instagram DM glitches. To resolve the problem, you can clear out Instagram cache memory. Here are simple steps to follow.

Android: Setting>Apps>App Management>Instagram>Storage Usage>Clear Cache 

IOS: Setting>General>iPhone Storage>Instagram>’Offload App’

Login Again 

Next, to fix the Instagram DM glitch, log out of the app and log back in. This method might work to overcome DM issues, and users have experienced smooth function. If it doesn’t work, log out of the application, then clear the app from the backend tray and restart your device. Now, log back into the app and check your DM section.

Uninstall & Reinstall

If the above methods don’t work for you, the next option you can try is to uninstall the Instagram App. Once you are done uninstalling, restart your device and then reinstall the app. Removing the app is too simple: tap on the Instagram icon until it wiggles and shows the option for uninstall. Also, you can easily download it again through the Play Store or App Store. 

Contact Instagram Support

Finally, when you are done trying the above methods, and if none of them help you eliminate Instagram DM glitches. You can still resolve it by contacting Instagram Support; however, they will take time to address the concerns and resolve the issues. To connect to support, follow these steps:

  • Open the DM section of your Instagram, and now shake your screen.
  • An error reporting screen will appear; tap on “Report a problem”
  • You can attach a screenshot of the error and proceed to submit the problem.
  • The Instagram team will get back to you in a few days.

We have discussed all the possible alternatives on how to fix Instagram DM glitch. We hope these methods help you restore your DM section without any bugs. Follow Smartphone Crunch for more engaging content on tech and smartphones! 


  1. How to fix Instagram DM glitch? 

You can try different methods, such as logging into the app again, clearing the cache, reinstalling the Instagram app, and contacting Instagram support.

  1. Why is my Instagram DM showing glitches?

There can be numerous reasons, such as poor internet, an old version, server problems, or cache issues. You can restart your device to check if the problem is resolved.

  1. What is the latest Instagram DM update? 

Recently, Instagram introduced the option to edit your send message till 15 minutes after sending the message.

  1. How long do my Instagram DMs last on the app?

There is no policy for automatically deleting DMs unless users manually delete the conversation from the chat.

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