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Top 5 Google Chrome Flags And How To Enable Them

Google Chrome is the most used web browser with fast speed and a simple interface. The browser has several eccentric and experimental features under the hood that can be accessed through Chrome Flags. These features are called experimental or test features because they allow developers or users to use features that are not released yet. However, they are not perfect and stable, and there may even be bugs in these. Despite this, if you are willing to use Chrome flags experimental features, stay tuned till the end. It contains a proper guide, including Chrome flags settings and other details. 

How to access Chrome flags settings?

No matter how tech-savvy you are, you can only access Chrome flags settings if you know the instructions. Follow the below-discussed instructions to access Chrome flags settings. 

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Go to the address and type “chrome://flags/” and hit enter.
  • You are in!

You must know that some features are only available on specific devices, as you can not use a few features on Android devices and certain laptops. 

How to enable Chrome flags?

Once you find yourself on the Chrome flags page, try the popular ones (discussed below) with the following steps. 

  • Choose the Chrome flag you want to use, and select the drop-down menu.  
  • Select Enable from the three options: Default, Enabled, and Disabled. 
  • Here you may need to Relaunch Chrome. Hit Relaunch if it asks. 
  • Once you relaunch the browser, it will be launched. 

Popular Chrome flags you can use

There are several Chrome flags experimental features that you can try to improve your experience. Let’s look at the popular ones!

Smooth Scrolling

If you are experiencing sluggish Chrome performance, this Chrome flag is likely to improve the situation. To enable it, you need to search for ‘Smooth Scrolling’ in the search bar and enable the feature. It is compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS. 

Experimental QUIC Protocol

This is among Chrome flags experimental features that make the web faster. After enabling this, you will experience fast speed. Search for ‘Experimental QUIC Protocol’ and click Enabled.

Touch UI Layout 

Touch UI Layout helps users when the system’s built-in touch does not work well with touch commands. It allows users to interact with content naturally and easily. To enable this Chrome flag, search for ‘Touch UI Layout’ in the search bar, click on the drop-down menu and select Enabled.

Reader Mode Chrome Flags

The internet contains reading materials but does not always provide an excellent reading experience. Advertisements, unnecessary images, and other irrelevant material can distract and irritate the readers. Thankfully, there are Reader Mode Chrome flags to eliminate disturbance. Enabling this Chrome flag is the same as others. 

Auto Dark Mode For Web Contents

Dark Mode is pretty impressive and overly used these days on every device, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone for eye comfort reasons. Sadly not all websites cooperate, but thanks to ‘Auto Dark Mode For Web Contents’, that allows us to use all websites on a dark theme. 

These are a few popular Chrome flags that certainly improve one’s Google Chrome experience. If you want to disable these, the process is extremely simple. Continue reading to learn how to disable Chrome flags experimental features. 

How to turn off Chrome flags?

You can simply turn these off with a step-to-step guide. Follow mindfully to turn it off successfully. 

  • Go to Chrome flags settings (discussed above).
  • Find Chrome flags experimental you want to disable
  • Select the drop-down menu and then Disable. You can also press Reset All button in the top-right corner 
  • You may need to relaunch the browser as you did when enabling the Chrome flags. Hit Relaunch.

Google Chrome is considered one of the best Android, Windows, and iOS browsers. It is fast, smooth, and simple to use. With its unusual and state-of-the-art features, Google Chrome provides an improved user experience. These experimental features are hidden, but users can use them with the help of Chrome flags. They are designed to test the upcoming features but are useful.

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