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How to Create Edu Email for free ( Updated Information )

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to create an Edu email for free in 2023. In this article, we will explore the process of obtaining an Edu email, the benefits it offers, and the step-by-step procedure to create one. Whether you’re a student, an educator, or someone interested in the perks of an Edu email, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Understanding Edu Email

What is an Edu Email?

An Edu email is an email address provided by educational institutions to their students, faculty members, and staff. It typically has a domain ending in “.edu” and grants access to various exclusive resources and benefits.

Benefits of Having an Edu Email

Having an Edu email comes with numerous advantages. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Student discounts and deals
  • Access to educational resources and research databases
  • Free or discounted software and services
  • Internship and job opportunities
  • Networking and collaboration within the educational community

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How Edu Emails Work

Edu emails work similarly to regular email addresses. They can be used for communication, receiving and sending messages, and accessing online platforms. However, they also provide additional perks due to their association with educational institutions.

Eligibility Criteria for Edu Email

Educational Institutions

To obtain an Edu email, you must be affiliated with an eligible educational institution. These institutions include universities, colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, and other recognized educational organisations.

Students and Staff Members

Edu emails are primarily issued to students and staff members of educational institutions. Students enrolled in degree programs, courses, or training programs are eligible. Faculty members, professors, and other employees working in educational institutions can also obtain an Edu email.

Other Eligibility Requirements

Apart from being associated with an educational institution, some email providers may have additional eligibility criteria. These may include age restrictions, residency requirements, or specific enrollment procedures. It is essential to check the requirements of the email provider you wish to apply to.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Edu Email

Researching Available Options

Before creating an Edu email, it’s crucial to research the available options. Different educational institutions and email providers may offer varying features and benefits. Look for institutions that align with your interests and educational goals

Choosing the Right Educational Institution

Selecting the right educational institution is a crucial step. Consider factors such as reputation, course offerings, and resources available to students. Additionally, check if the institution provides Edu emails to its students and staff.

California college

Applying for an Edu Email

Once you’ve chosen an educational institution, follow their application process for obtaining an Edu email. This may involve submitting necessary documents, completing forms, and verifying your identity and affiliation.

Applying for an Edu Email
Applying for an Edu Email ( create your account )
Applying for an Edu Email ( Verify your account )

Verifying Your Eligibility

After submitting your application, the educational institution will verify your eligibility for an Edu email. This process may take some time, so be patient. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive instructions on how to set up and access your Edu email.

Programs of colleges

Top Offers to Edu Emails

Here are some top offers and benefits that Edu email holders can enjoy:

  1. Software Discounts: Many software companies offer exclusive discounts and free licences to students and educators with Edu emails. Examples include Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, and JetBrains.
  2. Technology Deals: Some technology manufacturers and retailers provide discounts on their products for Edu email holders. This includes deals on computers, laptops, tablets, software subscriptions, and online storage solutions.
  3. Online Services: Various online services offer discounted or free subscriptions to Edu email holders. This includes music streaming platforms, video streaming services, cloud storage providers, and more.
  4. Travel Discounts: Edu email holders can access exclusive travel deals, such as discounted flights, accommodations, and transportation services.
  5. Educational Resources: Edu email users gain access to extensive educational resources, including research databases, academic journals, e-books, and online learning platforms.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Email Rejection or Delay

In some cases, your Edu email application may be rejected or experience delays. This could be due to various reasons such as incomplete documentation, eligibility issues, or technical glitches. If you encounter such problems, reach out to the educational institution’s support team for assistance.

Invalid or Expired Edu Email

Sometimes, Edu emails may become invalid or expire after a certain period. This can happen when you’re no longer affiliated with the educational institution or if the email provider imposes a validity period. If your Edu email becomes invalid, contact the email provider or the institution for further guidance.

Additional Methods to Create Edu Email for Free

In addition to the traditional methods mentioned earlier, here are three alternative methods to create an Edu email for free:

  1. Online Course Enrollment: Some online educational platforms offer free Edu emails to students who enrol in their courses. By signing up and completing a course, you can obtain an Edu email associated with the platform.
  2. Alumni Email Programs: Alumni email programs offered by educational institutions allow graduates to retain their Edu email privileges even after completing their studies. Contact your alma mater to inquire about their alumni email programs.
  3. Volunteer or Work Opportunities: Certain organisations and institutions provide Edu email access to volunteers, interns, or individuals involved in specific work programs. These opportunities may grant you an Edu email during your engagement with the organisation.

Please note that the availability of these methods may vary, and it’s important to verify the legitimacy and credibility of the sources offering free Edu emails.


Can I get an Edu Email without being a student?

Yes, in some cases, non-students can also obtain Edu emails. Some educational institutions offer alumni email programs or provide Edu email access to specific groups such as researchers, contractors, or volunteers. Check with your desired institution to see if such options are available.

Is it legal to use an Edu Email for discounts?

Using an Edu email for discounts is generally legal if you meet the eligibility requirements. However, it’s essential to adhere to the terms and conditions of each discount or service provider. Misusing or sharing Edu email privileges can lead to consequences, so it’s crucial to use them responsibly.

How long does it take to get an Edu Email?

The time it takes to get an Edu email varies depending on the educational institution and their verification process. It can range from a few days to several weeks. It’s advisable to contact the institution directly for an estimate of the timeline.

How can I get an edu email address?

To get an edu email address, you can either enrol as a student at an accredited educational institution or become a faculty/staff member. Alternatively, some institutions offer alumni benefits that may include an edu email address. Contact your educational institution for more information on obtaining an edu email.

What are the advantages of having an edu email?

Having an edu email provides various advantages, including access to exclusive discounts, offers, and services specifically tailored for students and educators. These benefits can range from software discounts to free subscriptions to popular online platforms. Edu emails are highly sought after due to the significant savings they can provide.

Can I use an edu email if I’m not a student?

In most cases, you need to be affiliated with an educational institution to have an edu email address. However, some institutions offer alumni benefits that allow former students to retain their edu email address even after graduation. It’s best to check with your educational institution to determine if they offer such benefits.

Are there any restrictions on using offers with an edu email?

The restrictions associated with using offers may vary depending on the specific offer and the terms and conditions set by the provider. Some offers may only be available to current students, while others may extend to faculty and staff members as well. It’s important to review the terms and conditions of each offer to understand any eligibility requirements or limitations.

How long does an edu email address remain active?

The duration of an active edu email address depends on the educational institution’s policies. For students, the email address is typically active throughout their enrollment period. Faculty and staff members may have access to their edu email address as long as they remain employed by the institution. For alumni, the duration of access can vary, so it’s recommended to check with the institution regarding their alumni email policies.


Creating an Edu email can open up a world of opportunities for students, educators, and staff members. With the benefits it offers, such as discounts, access to resources, and networking opportunities, an Edu email is a valuable asset in the digital age. Follow the step-by-step guide in this article and start enjoying the perks of having an Edu email in 2023.

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