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How To Buy Bonfire Token? | Bonfire Cryptocurrency!

Buy Bonfire Token

After Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, Bonfire is a newly launched currency that’s making a splash in the market globally. It is also because this bitcoin is a little harder to obtain than any other cryptocurrency. That’s where the burning question arises, how to buy bonfire token? If you aim to invest in Bonfire and find it difficult to buy it, this article is your definitive guide. 

Before learning how to buy bonfire token, a detailed analysis is provided for those who have no idea about the bonfire. Without beating around the bush, let’s get started. 

What Is Bonfire Cryptocurrency?

In simple words, a bonfire is a cryptocurrency launched in April 2021 by Binance Smart Chain Network. According to the Bonfire website, bonfire offers refuge to holders from the storm volatile market. Investing in bonfire crypto means collecting taxes while others sell and watch your profit. 

In fact, bonfire is an ambitious project, which is drawing the attention of many traders who’re looking to invest from the ground level. That’s why this cryptocurrency is becoming very popular in the market. 

Now let’s move on to the most awaited part of this article, which is how to buy bonfire token? 

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Where And How To Buy Bonfire Cryptocurrency? 

People have tried hard to find bonfire on Coinbase App and Coinbase Wallet to buy this token. But fret not! Below we’ve curated some smart ways to help you find the ways on how to buy bonfire. So, let’s look at the ways given below. 

Guys, there are two methods to buy bonfire cryptocurrency from, one is buying from the official website itself, and other is checking CoinMarketCap. So, let’s discuss these two methods thoroughly below. 

1.Buy Bonfire Token Through CoinMarketCap

What is CoinMarketCap, you ask? CoinMarketCap is the most-referenced price tracking website in the fast-rapid cryptocurrency world. The website makes the crypto discoverable for all who’re hunting out in the market. To purchase bonfire from CoinMarketCap, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Go To CoinMarketCap And Search For Bonfire

The list released by CoinMarketCap website helps you see where you can buy bonfire and with which currency. All you need to do is visit the website, tap on the button labelled ‘Market’ near the price chart. In the list, you will come across the places you can buy bonfire from as well as the currencies you want to obtain the token in. 

Under the ‘Pair’ section, you’ll get to see the shorthand for bonfire along with second currency, which you will use to buy bonfire. For instance, if you want to buy bonfire with U.S dollar, search for Bonfire/USD. 

Step 2: Choose The Platform To Make Purchase 

In the second step, you will have to pick the platform from which you’ll be making payment to purchase bonfire. But before choosing any particular platform, make sure to do proper research as different platforms provide different levels of liquidity, reliability, and security. 

Step 3: Finally Make The Purchase 

In the final step, you’ll purchase a bonfire crypto token. But you must know that every platform operates in a different way, you may get stuck with the payment process. For example, if you want to buy Bonfire with another crypto, make sure that the wallet you’re buying from supports bonfire, otherwise, you’ll have to create a wallet. 

2.Buy Bonfire Token From Bonfire Website

If the method mentioned above goes over your head then there is another method waiting for you to help you buy bonfire crypto. Let’s discuss what you exactly need to do here. Well, the method is going to be simple for you. 

  • First of all, visit the Bonfire website
  • Choose PancakeSwap V1 through embedding (Go to V2 exchange, if PancakeSwap V1 is no longer supporting)
  • Now accept and continue to import bonfire tokens
  • It’s time to connect a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Now select the digital currency and the amount you want to trade 
  • Adjust slippage to 12%
  • Finally, complete the swap

This is how you’re done with buying bonfire cryptocurrency from the official website of the bonfire. There is one thing that you must know: bonfire recommends every bonfire crypto investor to set the slippage to 12% to get the right amount of tokens. 

So, this was all you’re required to know about bonfire crypto and how to buy it. From any of the two methods mentioned above, you can opt for the one you find suitable and easy. Now the ball is in your court. 

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