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How can I use a reverse phone number lookup to find a person?

Have you ever wondered who called you? You need to conduct a reverse phone number lookup. Innovative tools like the Radaris phone number search function will not only reveal who called you but can help you track them down!

What is a reverse phone number lookup?

A reverse number lookup service will not only reveal the person or the company behind your missed calls but can reveal more information about the person, including their address, place of work, or social media profiles.

You might want to conduct a reverse phone number lookup to:

  • Track down the address or place of work for someone you’ve only spoken to on the phone
  • Identify a nuisance caller that has been bothering you
  • Find out whether or not a person who called you is legitimate and represents the company they say they represent
  • Do research on a person before going on a date with them

Whatever your reason, a phone number search can keep you safe or provide the information you need.

What are some ways you can find phone number-related info online?

There are a few ways to track down more information about a person using just a phone number.


You could try putting the number into Google to see what pops up. Google reveals almost everything about anything, but it’s not the most effective reverse phone search tool on the market. Most of us are very protective about our personal information and care not to publish it online unless we have to. Many companies also avoid their numbers being scraped online by masking their numbers in some way, which means Google often comes up short.


Many of us link our phone numbers to Facebook so that we can recover our accounts if something goes wrong, but most of us take pains to hide the phone number. However, you never know if someone forgot to hide it or prefers to keep it public for business reasons. You could simply search for the number (as you would when searching for a name), and it will pop up.

Craigslist and other classifieds sites

Some marketplaces publish the number of the person selling a secondhand item or posting a job ad online so that buyers can get in touch. Of course, this only works if the person sells something, but it’s worth trying.

Caller ID apps

There are a host of caller ID apps that might reveal who is calling you. The public can flag numbers as spam or place warnings on these phone numbers. It can be handy if you are trying to avoid a spam call, but it’s not always helpful if you want to know more about the person calling you. For instance, the caller ID might correctly identify the caller as “John Smith,” but who is John Smith exactly? A potential employer? A telesales guy? An acquaintance, your aunt, is trying to set you up with? You may need more information than just a name.

Professional Phone Lookup Services

A professional reverse phone number lookup like Radaris can help you find out who called you – precisely who contacted you. Radaris doesn’t just provide a name but a host of information about a caller, including marital status, location, employment history, and even criminal records. Radaris combines public records data with social media and online information to comprehensively picture the person calling you.

All you need to do is enter the phone number into the search bar, and information will pop up. You can then look up the person’s name to find more information. There may be a fee if you want more detailed information than provided, so take notice before proceeding. If you have a pretty good idea of the person, the basic info might be enough.

Now you know how to do a reverse phone number lookup (and find out even more about the person that’s called you), you never have to wonder who that missed call is from.

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