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Google I/O 2021 Highlights: 5 Biggest Announcements

Google I/O 2021 Highlight

Google I/O 2021 Keynote took place on Tuesday in which CEO Sundar Pichai and his team made a few biggest announcements of the year on new developments. In addition to the two major product-focused announcements: Android 12 and New Wear OS, Google announced its progress in bringing a new product called LaMDA- a dialogue application. With this, there are other major announcements in the Google I/O Keynote made by the CEO such as Project Starline, AI-Powered Medical tools, Smart Canvas in Google Workplace, etc.

Here, we break down all the key announcements made in the Google I/O Keynote held in Mountain View, California, US to give you a brief review of the announcements.

Let’s Have a Look!

Top 5 Announcements Of Google I/O Keynote 2021

Android 12

One of the most anticipated announcements of Google I/O was Android 12. This new operating system comes with new elements based on the design language ‘Material You’, that aims to provide more security and a customizable user interface. Android 12 will cover many things such as location usage indicator, approximate location option, improved password manager, etc. 

New Wear OS

Another major announcement that Google made is the Wear OS update. Google has tied up with Samsung to bring the combination of Wear OS and Tizen. The new Wear OS will include a few exciting features such as the ability to switch the apps with a double-tap, support for third-party titles, updates to Google Maps, and Google Assistance. These latest updates can be tracked in the upcoming Fitbit wearables.


CEO Sundar Pichai announced LaMDA as a new language model for dialogue application. It is available as an open domain and designed to converse on any topic. Currently, the language model is limited to converting through texts only. At the Keynote, Google also talked about the MUM- Multimodal model that will allow users to share images, text, audio, and video for natural responses. Both technologies can help Google to enhance its search engine.

Project Startline

Pichai also highlighted ‘Project Startline’ as Google’s next ambitious development to enhance the video conferencing experience. It uses high-resolution cameras and custom-built depth sensors to capture the clear and perfect appearance of the user. This will create extremely detailed and real-time 3D images. 

AI-powered Medical Tools

Alongside other developments, Google also unveiled its AI-powered Dermatology tool designed to help users in detecting more than 288 skin conditions by using the camera of their smartphone. Besides this, Google also added another system to detect active pulmonary tuberculosis. The great thing is- Google is planning to work with Apollo Hospitals in India and CIDRZ – Center for infectious disease research in Zambia to ensure efficiency.. 

Other Major Announcements From Google I/O 

  • Like Apple CarKey, Google announced Digital Car Key uses NCF and UWB to securely unlock the car from your smartphone.
  • Google also showcased the Smart Canvas in Google Workplace to ease the collaboration of teams on Google Docs, Sheets, and other tools. It added many features like Google chat rooms, video calls, etc. 
  • Google’s Map AR tool helps with more focused details for easier navigation. 
  • Google Chrome will update the password manager to provide more security and let users to change the password with a single tap. 
  • Another announcement that Google made is to offer a handful of features in Google Photos in addition to celebrate the memories that will be around the moments such as Diwali, New Year, or any other occasion, Google allows to remove a single photo from the memories or create moving images by identical photos or others that will be called Cinematic moment. The last major change that Google photos will get is Locked folders that require users fingerprint or PIN to unlock every time they need to access it. 
  • In addition to these, Google will make a move to communicate with other Android devices to provide users with a multi-device experience.

These are a few major announcements that were announced at Google I/O Keynote 2021. Google is looking forward to enhancing users’ experience in this ever-changing world. Keep connected with us to have a brief note on these updates. 

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