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Gods & Myths In Gaming: 5 Slots That Stand Out

Myths, gods, and ancient heroes have long held a prominent place in gaming. Some of the best games to have featured these types of characters include popular hits like the God Of War and Lara Croft series, as well as some lesser-known (but excellent) games like Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Age Of Mythology. There are also games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (and Origins for that matter), as well as mobile hits like Gods Of Rome.

The bottom line is that for many years now, and across all platforms, video games about ancient gods and myths have managed to generate interest. This remains the case today as well, though we suspect many may not realize where some of the best such games are being released. For the past five years or so though, god- and myth-related games have been taking over online casinos. This has resulted in some truly excellent video slots –– some of which we’re going to highlight below.

Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods is a wonderful video slot by Playtech that establishes a charming yet adventurous Olympian atmosphere. The goddess Athena presides over the game, but several other core Olympian figures appear on the reels –– all drawn in a colorful, eye-catching fashion. What really sets Age Of The Gods apart though is that it started a series of additional slots, with each one zeroing in on a given god or group of figures.

The aforementioned game Gods Of Rome has been a hit in the mobile space in large part because of its expansive selection of mythological figures. Per Giant Bomb, said selection includes everyone from Achilles and Hercules, to Anubis and Ra –– along with assorted Roman emperors, Norse gods, etc. Age Of The Gods can’t quite match that variety, but as the series continues to expand, it’s the closest thing in the slot space.


Thunderstruck II

While the Age Of The Gods series focuses primarily on Greek gods and heroes, there are other slots that rope in additional mythologies. Chief among them is Thunderstruck II, a Microgaming property that makes excellent use of Norse gods and heroes. Lightning effects abound, as the likes of Thor and Odin (complete with Viking ships, depictions of Asgard, and more) serve as reel symbols. There are also some pretty incredible bonus moments during which Thor flies onto the scene and puts his mighty hammer to use.


Wild Link Zeus

Wild Link Zeus is a newer game, developed by SpinPlay Games and gaining attention as a fresh featured game at Gala Bingo. As you can tell from its name, the game revolves primarily around Zeus, the ancient Greek god of the sky (and king of all gods). A brilliant animation of Zeus (complete with flaming eyes) stands beside the reels while you play, with the background depicting various Olympian settings. Harps, eagles, and ancient pottery comprise the bulk of the symbols, but it’s the sense of riches that really sets the game apart. A sort of golden glow lingers over the game at all times, and even smaller wins result in showers of golden coins from on high.


300 Shields

The semi-historical tale of the Spartan 300 was popularized almost 20 years ago in the film 300. While this film is somewhat polarizing, few can argue that it was both impactful and memorable; The Film Stage ranked it as one of the top-50 action movies of the century so far, and one can argue it influenced a certain brand of over-the-top action adventure moving forward.

The 300 Shields games isn’t based on the film directly, but has undoubtedly gained attetntion by association. In its own right, however, it’s a fun game that captures ancient Greek warfare in beautiful and exciting fashion. The background shifts between Spartan scenes (a town forum, a seaside battlefield, etc.), the reels are filled with armor and soldiers, and big wins and bonuses yield comic-book-style graphics of Spartans heading to war.


Mask Of Amun

Egyptian gods and myths are in the mix as well, and the relatively new game Mask Of Amun is a stunning example. Amun was effectively a Zeus equivalent, though he is sometimes fused with Ra (the god of the sun) and fashioned as Amun-Ra. The distinction matters little in this game though, which basically focuses on Egyptian lore and symbols in general. Gods, hieroglyphics, holy symbols, and gilded pharaoh representations combine to form a rich atmosphere. And few games will make you feel more like you’ve actually dived back in history to search for ancient riches.


If you’re a fan of history and myths in gaming, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these offerings from the online casino world. And for more recommendations, have a look through our gaming section for reviews and lists across platforms.

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