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Go Miles Safely With Qubo GPS Tracke

“The global GPS tracking device market in terms of revenue was $3.1 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $5.7 billion by 2028.”- Markets And Markets

Global Positioning System or GPS is becoming a prominent tool for tracking the positioning of vehicles. This IoT-based technology is mainly used in businesses which are involved in fleet and freight business to ensure the safety of the fleet and timely delivery. The recent report of the Markets and Markets found that the GPS tracking device market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 13.1% during 2023-2028.

Since the automobile industry grows rapidly, driver and fleet safety also arise as the main concern, highlighting the need for advanced GPS trackers. Qubo, part of a Hero group venture, claims to convert cars into smart cars with advanced GPS trackers.

Keep Track of Your Car’s Location

Launched in September 2023, Qubo launched a car GPS tracker at the introductory price of Rs 2,999. However, the company provides this device only for clients based in Delhi and Bengaluru. With this, Qubo aims to help vehicle owners track their location using advanced features. 

As per the press release of Telematics Wire, Qubo announced that the first 200 buyers will get complimentary installation support. Qubo launched with one-year subscription benefits. 

“After many months of rigorous R&D, I’m delighted to announce the arrival of our brand new GPS Trackers for Cars & Bikes. At a time when our roads are becoming increasingly notorious, this product will find value amongst anyone.”- Nikhil Rajpal, CEO, Hero Electronix

Qubo, founded in 2019 by Ujjwal Munjal as Hero’s Joint, powered by its unique proprietary tech stack, offers a diverse portfolio of products across categories, including GPS trackers, Dash cameras, smart home devices, etc.

Location Tracking

Qubo GPS Tracker enables real-time movement of vehicles on smartphones via the Qubo Go App. Users can easily access the location of vehicles and keep track of the route history with few controls.

Accidental Alerts

It comes with advanced AI and IoT-based accidental alerts, which send notifications to the drivers. Qubo GPS tracking alerts emergency numbers when it detects a mishap during a drive.

Geo-Fence Alerts

With Geo-fence alerts, users can set up virtual boundaries and get alerts every time their vehicle enters/exits that area. You can even set up customised Geo-fence alerts using an app on your smartphone.

Route History

You can easily track the route history and keep updated with any obstacle to plan the ride conveniently. Qubo GPS tracker has advanced analytics to give users detailed insights into the different routes.

Driving Insights

Qubo GPS trackers offer driving insights to the user. Using it lets you get meaningful insights into the vehicle when driving in your absence. This feature can be accessed by using an app from a smartphone.

Speed Monitoring

Unlike other GPS trackers for vehicles, Qubo offers advanced speed monitoring that allows users to check whether a car is driven at a safe speed. Speed monitoring lets users get detailed insights on speed monitors at particular times and locations.

Towing Alerts

Qubo GPS tracker sends towing alerts on the smartphone whenever a vehicle tows from the parking lot. In addition, it also has ignition alert mode, which instantly sends a notification when someone tries to start a vehicle in your absence.

Installation of Qubo GPS Tracker

Installing a Qubo GPS tracker requires technical knowledge and familiarity with the vehicle’s electrical system. The company provides an installation guide on the website to make it easier for users who like DIY installation.

  • Install the Qubo Go App
  • Set up your account
  • Add device
  • Scan the QR on the device to set up
  • Activate SIM
  • Complete KYC Verification
  • Enable different alerts via the app
  • Start tracking your vehicle


Equipped with next-generation AI and IoT technologies, Qubo GPS Tracker revolutionised the vehicle tracking industry while saving accidental threats to the drivers. Advanced features like accidental alerts, geo-fencing alerts, location tracking, and driving insights make it easier for users to enjoy safe driving.

Qubo is also looking to get support from the government in promoting life safety during rides via its IoT-enabled GPS tracker and other devices. It is a good investment for vehicle owners to enjoy the latest features of GPS at an affordable price.

Ease of Installation: 4

Location tracking: 4.5

Accidental Alerts: 4.5

Driving Insights: 4

Ease of use: 4


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