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Facebook Is Changing Its Algorithm To Take On TikTok, Leaked Memo Reveals


Facebook is taking the TikTok competition more seriously. The leaked memo reveals that the social media giant plans to redesign its major section ‘Feed’ to make it feel more like its rival app.  

According to the internal memo from late April obtained by the Verge, Tom Alison, the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, laid out plans to turn Facebook’s main Feed into the recommended posts regardless of where they come from. He further added that the feature mirrors TikTok, as the video app does not focus solely on the posts from accounts people follow. 

Apart from this major revamp, Alison also had words with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, about merging Instagram and Facebook again to mimic TikTok’s messaging functionality. The Verge’s Alex Health had words with Alison, and Alison said Facebook’s goal is to create a “discovery engine”. 

The plan to redesign Facebook Feed comes months after Zuckerberg blamed TikTok, owned by ByteDance, and its other rivals for its slower-than-expected earnings during the fourth quarter of 2021. In February, Mark admitted that apps like TikTok are growing quickly. 

Besides TikTok’s popularity, Facebook has another problem to overcome as its current recommendation algorithm has been blamed for the data leak and promotion of misinformation on the platform.

After that, Alison wrote that the company wants to reduce ‘negative experiences’ for users. He said, “the goal is to promote trustworthiness, a people-centric and unity across all of our products as a permanent part of our culture as opposed to a short-term priority”

Now it is to see how a changed algorithm affects Facebook? Will it increase its users? Would it be able to engage more people than TikTok? 

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