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eKinCare: An Ecosystem For Health & Well-Being

“A Mission To Make Quality Healthcare Affordable And Accessible” 

Settled in the USA, Kiran Kalakuntla couldn’t contribute to his parents’ health, who are remotely located in Hyderabad, India. He got frustrated with the current internet age, where people still rely on phone calls to monitor their health. The frustration was further aggravated when his father underwent surgery, and none of his family members could explain his root cause. This watershed moment compelled him to take care of his dear ones even while staying away and made him launch eKinCare App. 

An AI-driven, fully integrated health benefits platform, eKinCare offers real-time insights on health parameters to people. The app is helping corporates take care of their employees’ health better. As of May 2020, eKinCare claims to have seen a 221% increase in virtual doctor consultations when the country was in a vicious cycle of covid-19 pandemic. The app was started to impact the fragmented and difficult-to-navigate healthcare systems in India. When the never-ending vicious cycle of ill health, lethargy, and bad health habits was at its peak, this is where eKinCare stepped in. As India’s fastest-growing health benefits platform, Fortune 500 have also trusted the platform for keeping their employees health at bay. Today, the platform caters to more than 200 companies and manages 300,00+ employees’ health. 

Leveraging Technology To Simplify Health & Wellness For India

The advancement in technology is playing a vital role in shaping the world, which is also highly visible in eKinCare. The platform simplifies unstructured data, medical records and standardise the process through its personalise tools that leverage ML, AI, deep learning, and analytics. The scanned PDFs are processed via Optical Character Recognition tool, converting the PDF into usable text. The platform’s proprietary model uses this text to extract relevant information such as names, results, and ranges. This model is developed using state-of-the-art Deep Neural architectures containing Convolutional Neural Networks and Long, Short Memory layers. eKinCare’s deep learning models have been trained with over 2 lakh tab reports. 

Deep learning technology has been helping in solving formerly intractable problems like image recognition, entity detection, etc. This technology uses neural networks that mimic the brain to learn and enhance the experience. eKinCare’s patented algorithm aids in converting reports from multiple labs into structured data, which helps generate health analytics for individuals. 

The platform has built an AI-driven, integrated, and patented health benefits platform offering real-time insights on health parameters for employers and employees. This approach empowers the system to deliver personalised healthcare recommendations to enhance their health quotient consistently. This further helps in saving healthcare costs and lower employee health insurance premiums. 

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Earn H-Points And Convert Into Wallet Money

eKinCare also offers users an opportunity to earn points and redeem them to use for availing healthcare services. The platform launched a new feature called Health- Points (H-Points), which is a monetary reward for completing challenging activities on the platform. The idea is crystal clear – users need to complete the milestone with fun activities and get rewarded with H-Points. 

Every H-point user earns can be redeemed through eKinCare wallet money. Equivalent to one paisa, H-points grow quickly over time. Users can use this wallet money for self-paid services on the platform, like ordering medicines from e-pharmacy, normal health checkups, and many other services. The icing on the cake is that these H-points don’t expire even after prolonged periods of inactivity or time. 

The robust performance of the platform has helped it bag awards and recognition to date, including Superstartups Asia Awards 2019, Top 10 most innovative startups by Nasscom, Aegis Graham Bell awards by Aegis School of Business at India mobile congress 2018, journal of mHealth of being the top 100 most innovative digital healthcare companies 2016. The initiative taken by eKinCare towards the well-being of people in India is expected to rise and touch INR 500 billion. The data also reveal that the global corporate well-being market was valued at US $ 29,266.9 million in 2017 and is estimated to reach a valuation of US $ 61,690.9 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 9% from 2018 to 2026.

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