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The Complete Dead Mount Death Play Wiki

Dead Mount Dead Play is a manga series that was written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto. The series started to be published in the October of 2017. Currently, the series is also published in English by Yen Press. Dead Mount Death Play became a global trending subject among anime lovers last year. Geek Toys is producing Dead Mount Death Play, while Manabu Ono and Takaharu Okuma are directing the same. Dead Mount Death Play has a spectacular storyline. Let’s explore the anime’s plot and characters that make it fabulous and discuss the options to watch it.

Dead Mount Death Play Manga

By April 2023, eleven volumes of the manga series have been rolled out. It is an action-adventure, science-fiction anime with magic and fantasy elements. 


Dead Mount Dead Play features an evil necromancer, Corpse God, battling with Sir Shagrua Edith Lugrid. They are the characters in a parallel universe different from ours. However, things take a different turn when the magic powers of the Corpse God bring a twist to the story. The necromancer reincarnates himself into the body of a dead boy in our universe who was killed by an assassin. However, the Corpse God doesn’t enjoy the peaceful life he thought he would, as the boy’s tangled past gets him into new trouble. 

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Dead Mount Death Play Characters

Here are the important characters in Dead Mount Death Play:

  1. The Corpse God

He is an otherworldly evil necromancer who possesses magical power. The Corpse God manages to reincarnate himself into the dead body of a young boy before the former is about to be killed by Sir Shagrua Edith Lugrid.

  1. Polka Shinoyama

An assassin slays the boy but comes back to life when the soul of the evil necromancer finds his way into the boy’s body. He becomes the most powerful of the Dead Mount Death Play characters. Now, the Corpse God can perform magic with the help of Polka’s body; magics like speaking with dead spirits, turning corpses into zombies, and summoning dead skeletons. 

  1. Misaki Sakimiya

Misaki is an assassin who enjoys the brutal work of murdering the killers and individuals like her. Her unusual personality resulted from a trauma that she experienced as a 17-year-old girl when she watched her family die.  She is later killed and revived by the Corpsed God as a zombie.

  1. Clarissa

Popularly known as Clarissa, Lisa Kuraki is an influential bartender and mediator who owns Youtoukorou. Youtoukorou is a legal bar, but it is also an illegal freelance agency. Clarissa plays a pivotal role in Dead Mount Death Play.

  1. Takumi Kuruya

He is a tech contractor who has to keep tabs on the revived Polka. He works for Clarissa and has a vast surveillance network comprising drones, server farms, and visors. 

Dead Mount Death Play: Where To Watch

The manga was announced for the anime TV series adaptation on November 15, 2022. The series is to premiere in two parts. The first part came on April 11, 2023, and the next part is set to premiere in October 2023. Moreover, Crunchyroll is licensing the series, and Medialink has generated the license for the Asia Pacific region, excluding Australia and New Zealand. 

Now let us answer the most pressing question: Dead Mount Death Play – Where To Watch?

Dead Mount Death Play Crunchyroll & Ani One Asia 

You can watch Dead Mount Death Play anime on platforms like Ani One Asia Youtube and Crunchyroll. The anime series is very popular on Crunchyroll and has garnered an incredible viewership for animes debuting this year. Not surprisingly, Dead Mount Death Play Crunchyroll is the most searched query in real-time. 

Dead Mount Death Play Trailer

As soon as the Dead Mount Death Play trailer was released on youtube, it created a buzz. If you are into action-packed anime that has a winding storyline, Dead Mount Death Play will keep you guessing. 

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