Looking to Stun Your Social Media Followers? Download These Editing Apps on Your Smartphone Today

Best Editing Apps

If you’ve been scrolling around social media, marvelling at everyone’s social media pictures with extremely well-edited filters, effects and textures, fret not. Editing photos does not require an elaborate setup like your PC. Professional or personal, playful or solemn, you can edit your photos easily on your smartphone.

Today’s smartphones all come with excellent inbuilt cameras ranging from HDR to Ultra-wide photo lenses that capture beautiful and vibrant images. However, not all pictures are perfect for your Instagram posts. Hence, we have curated a list of the best editing apps you can download on your smartphone today and start editing those Instagram-worthy pictures hiding in your vault.

Surprisingly, you can access most of these editing apps without having to purchase their premium versions. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, editing your pictures with these apps lets you more than just crop and enhance the colours. You can remove unwanted background elements or people and control the lighting, the tones and the depth with features such as exposure, clarity, tone, saturation, and more.

Other than this, you can also use these cool editing apps to add texts, stickers, and animations, and quickly share them on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so forth. Read on our exclusively crafted selection of the best free and user-friendly photo editing apps in your app store.

Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

The photo editing apps on our list all come with a standard free version, but you can always opt for a ‘Premium’ or ‘Pro’ version for even more features. However, most of the features needed to edit your photos to their best are available for free. So, go ahead and scroll through the list to find the best one that suits your tastes.

Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android


At the top of our list stands the extremely minimal, easy-to-use minimalist photo editing app, as well as a social media app that lets you share your edited photos directly on the VSCO platform itself. The VSCO social media is dominated by creatives as well as amateurs, which proves how efficient and user-friendly it is.

VSCO comes with all the necessary editing tools such as saturation, brightness, contrast, and the most popular grain feature that gives the photos a dusky, vintage look perfect for that nostalgic Instagram post. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Darkroom is a very innovative photo editing app exclusive for iOS devices only. The app is well known for its design, filters, and custom presets. In addition, it is very powerful in importing and exporting high-quality pictures. With an updated version of Darkroom 2.0, users can use the Curves tool to refine exposure level, extremely advanced colour and tone, and more.

It can be used on iPhone, iPad and Mac and delivers a rich editing experience on the go. Darkroom is actually an updated version of the easy-to-go photography editing app from Adobe known as Lightroom. Darkroom comes with increased functionality and more editing tools than the earlier Lightroom. Hence, it is perfect for those who want to take a step further in editing their pictures to their best.



Snapseed is a free editing app with an interface similar to that of Instagram’s built-in editing feature, making it easy to navigate the editing process. It offers loads of filters, especially retro film filters, photo editing tools, lighting fixtures, and masking and reshaping tools. It also guides the users through a tutorial on using the various features. 

Hence, if you are yet to edit those high-quality, crisp images taken on your Samsung phone, Snapseed is the best Android photo editor out there with a complete editing experience without any ‘Premium’ advertisement popups to bother you. It is available on both iOS and Android.


Finally, on our list is the most fun photo editing app which has been there since the beginning of consumer mobile photography. PicsArt offers a wide range of quirky stickers, college options, and various text styles to add to your pictures. In addition, users can opt to get a premium version at a relatively low cost, which provides more tools, filters, and content features.

It also lets users share their edited photos with PicsArt Gallery having around 150 million monthly users, and the option to share the links to edited photos with others. This lets you work on collaborative editing with your peers, making the whole experience fun and enjoyable. 

If you have been meaning to get your creative juices flowing and want to build your social media around your photography skills, one of these apps is the way to go. Choose any one of the editing apps, whether you are an iOS user or Android user, and enjoy your editing journey.

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