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Backend developers – who are they, and why are they important? Well, the thing is, these people are the ones who act like a spine in your app development process. As we know, the spine is essential, and so are the backend developers. But, the question is, “What is the back-end developer salary?”. In this chapter, we are going to cover essential details that are related to backend software developer salary.

Backend development -What is it?

Back-end development is primarily related to database and management tasks. Whether it is a web-based application or a mobile app, there is a need to have backend programming personnel.

In simple words, backend programming is related to the abstract level of the project. With these, users are able to interact with the raw data that has been optimized according to their preferences. The backend coding ties everything together (UI/UX design, buttons, data movement, accessibility) so that the users can get the most out of the app.

What do backend developers do?

This member of your team is focused on integrating and linking server-side data with the front of the app. For instance, let’s say there is a student management app that shows information related to courses. Now, when a student presses the courses button, the app will take him to the course that he has opted for. This migration towards the right page is what backend developers do. They link each button with a specific set of data. These developers make sure that the server-side data is seamlessly operating the way it should be.

These people are important to the team, and that is why the backend developer’s average salary is more compared to the full-stack or front-end developer’s salary.

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Back-end developer salary: comparison

There are two ways by which a backend software developer’s salary is categorized – hourly rate or by skillset. But, there is a catch to this. Backend developers’ average salary is dependent on many factors. For instance, the skills, seniority level, the area the developers are living in, demand of talent, and complexity of the project.

Back-end developer average salary based on skills

As for the skills, the average backend developer salary of an entry-level vs. senior developer can become double in areas like USA or UK. That is because there is a shortage of developers there, and the cost of living is high.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary based on the skills of a back-end developer is around $126,000. There is a slight difference if we compare the pay in different states of the US. In the US, the entry-level back-end developers earn about $34,000, whereas mid-level developers make $72,000. As for seniors, that can go up to $98,000.

Keep in mind that these salaries depend on the experience level, project type, and country, so you should estimate it accordingly to the app you are trying to develop.

Back-end developer average salary based on the hourly rate

Honestly, in our experience, the back-end developer’s average salary at an hourly rate is more economical. That is because the rate depends on the region. This is why some companies tend to prefer nearshoring their apps. The cost savings can be as much as half of the quotation that US or Europe consultants offer you. Let’s talk numbers.

In North America, the hourly wage of a back-end developer average salary is around $80-$100. While in Europe, that is between $61-$100. As for Asia, you can get developers at the wage of $21-$50.

What kind of factors affect back-end developers’ average salary

The back-end developer’s average salary and hourly rate depend on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are listed down below so that you can keep track of what not to do when hiring backend software developers.

Cost of living: Cost of living is the most dominating factor when talking about back-end developers’ average salary. These costs include food, rent, transportation, etc. In the area where the cost of living is high, the rate of back-end developers will also be more.

The demand of the developers: Another factor that contributes to the rise of back-end software developer salaries is demand. If the region you are trying to pitch has enough back-end developers, the cost will be less. Otherwise, it will take the money out of your pockets.

Skills: Skills also define the factor of salary. If a developer has experience of 10 years, he will ask for a higher wage compared to the entry-level developer.

The rarity of skills: If you are trying to develop a program that requires rare and complex skills, chances are you have to pay more than what is initially discussed.

These are the factors that affect back-end developer salary. However, the rate is not dependent on these factors. That can be something else. The bottom line is you have to be prepared because anything can happen.

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