9 Apps That Help You Maintain Your Ford F Series

9 Apps That Help You Maintain Your Ford F Series

Owning a car is pleasing, but maintaining it requires time and effort. If you own an automobile, you have to keep track of its service dates, oil replacement schedule, coolant replacement schedule, inflation pressure, repairs, and fuel quantity. These tasks appear hectic, and they require constant check and balance. 

If you own a Ford F-series or any other vehicle, you need assistance taking care of your automobile. If you are not a car enthusiast and keep forgetting all these crucial tasks, you need these applications on your mobile. 

Car Maintenance App (Drivvo)

 The average cost of your car maintenance is around a thousand dollars per year. If you have carelessly been spending money on your car, you need to stop and calculate your expenses. To keep your car expenses in check, you have to download Drivvo.

 It automatically calculates your fuel price and lets you set schedules for your maintenance jobs.

Car Insurance App (Geico)

Cars are expensive, and their repairs can cost significant money. If you want to keep your Ford ready for all the challenges, buy an insurance policy for your vehicle. If you use your Ford F-series for commercial purposes, ask your insurance company if you can apply for an insurance policy for commercial vehicles. 

You may forget to pay the monthly installments for your insurance policy or may have multiple questions regarding your insurance policy. You can claim your insurance or get your questions answered through this app called Geico. It keeps your information within reach and makes the claiming process easy.

Check Engine Decipher App (FIXD)

Many of us have no clue what to do once the check engine light is on. If you are one of those people who have no idea what is wrong with your engine and whether you should take it to a service station or not, download FIXD. You have to buy a sensor with FIXD and attach it to your car. 

Once you have installed the sensor, you can check the app for whether your engine needs urgent repair or if it can survive a few more days. This app is also capable of regulating your maintenance schedule. It will alert you when your car needs service.  

Mobile Scanner (CamScanner)

If you have necessary documents for your car or a Ford F-Series repair manual, you can download a mobile document scanner and compile a pdf on your phone. You can later use that PDF anywhere. You can keep the manual and documents in your car, but they might crumble.

Get your documents laminated or make a pdf copy of them on your mobile.

Service Schedule app (Auto Care)

If a car owner is not responsible, they will face expensive problems down the line. If you want a free app that tracks your schedule of services like tire pressure check, oil change and filter check, air filter replacement, tire replacement, engine coolant flush, Brake fluid change, and fuel economy, download Auto Care.

This app is very convenient for people who forget their appointments and want to keep track of their expenses. You can maintain your car and increase its lifespan by taking simple steps. Follow the deadlines and note the mileage through the app for outstanding care. 

Torque Calculator (Torque Pro)

If you want to check that your engine is working efficiently, you calculate its torque. A higher quantity of torque assures the better performance of your automobile. 

Torque pro allows you to calculate the CO2 emission report and see the dynamometer and other pro meters. Torque Pro is an advanced app that taps into your automobile’s OBD through Bluetooth. It may not be for the people who are not looking for a high-speed car or professional calculations.

 It is suitable for people who like to keep their automobile efficient and engine power.

Dashboard app (AutoMate)

Dashboard apps are handy, and they make your journey smooth. You can download AutoMate for directions and other pop-up suggestions. AutoMate will let you know about your regular or saved destinations closer to you.

Most apps require your eyes to set navigations which can be harmful. You may end up in a car accident if you use your mobile while driving. The voice command system of this app allows you to control the soundtrack in your car and look for directions without looking at your mobile. 

Car Finding App (ParKing & Parkopedia)

You have to drive around the blocks to find parking for your car. It is an inconvenient task. You require an app that directs you to the nearest parking spot to reduce this inconvenience. 

ParKing will navigate you to the nearest parking spot and snap a picture of your car, which can be feasible if you park in a large area.

Parkopedia lets you know the opening hours, rent, and availability of parking spaces. You can also download spot hero or any other app that you like. Search all these parking apps and download the one that suits your needs.

Gas Prices App (GasBuddy)

The gas prices are going up, and you need to find a gas station that sells gas at a lower rate. Different gas pumps have different prices, which can change over time. Therefore, download an app that shows the updated gas prices on your mobile; so, you drive directly to the gas station with the lowest price.

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