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6G Network: An Optimistic Reality or Just A Play-Down?


Hypes of the 5G network are yet to be met, and China and the U.S. are already on the battlefield for the 6G dominance. 5G is yet to roll out worldwide, but the geopolitical fight for the latest trend in telecommunication is already heating up.

The US telecom industry hopes to share a “National 6G Roadmap” with the Biden administration and Congress at the start of 2022 to get a successful Kickstarter. Reports have suggested that the roadmap will suggest the best radio spectrum suited for the 6G rollout.

For the private companies and the governments, the stakes won’t be higher at the initial phase. Still, the first country to develop and get patent 6th generations will win the forthcoming industrial revolution. However, we are still a decade away from 6G becoming a reality — it can be anything, not a hyper dream.

From real-time holograms to flying taxis and internet-powered robots and machines, 6G is yet to be poured out on the roadmap, but it has already been a bloodline of holding projects. The upcoming generation of networks requires smaller but continuous waves, and that poses a considerable risk.

Issues About The Practicality of 6G Roll Out in Actual World

With the emergence of the global population, smaller waves/streams can be blocked very easily or may have a smaller coverage range. Already rolled out 5G can barely make it across a few kilometers or can be hindered simply by any tree or building. That means there will need more towers and transmitters across areas.

The Future of Communication with 6th-Gen Network

6G  — the bespoke next-generation of telecommunication technology is set to be rolled out by 2030. Since the generations of networks undergo extensive research and development processes before rolling out, smaller coverage seems to be resolved.

Focused on improvising the future by allowing next-generation communication between various devices, 6G is at the center of every new automated technology. AI-based machines will be empowered, and robotics can be even more straightforward for healthcare and industry-wise usage.

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